Coming back to Writing again after a long Writer’s block! For the joy of Writing!

Writing again after a long Writer's block

Writing again after a long Writer’s block

I am actually re-visiting all those places and doing all those activities that once inspired me to write.

Holding my pen fondly against the crisp, white sheet of paper, I day dream of the times when my words would overflow like a cascade, sometimes meander and at other times burst out in waves of inspiration.

Each time I sat down and penned verses or jotted down that fleeting thought ; my restless mind felt calmed and at times I felt as if a heavy burden that I had been inadvertently carrying for too long enough, had slowly been lifted off my chest…

I felt overjoyed each time a verse, a poem or a story and an article sprung to life!

For those moments, I am ever grateful to Lord Ganesha, my creator and the spirit divine and Light for always shining the light onto my path which seemed rather turbulent and an uphill climb and to bless me with words and ideas that sparkled like crystal clear water on an ever gushing fountain of thoughts that simply flowed on, paving its own path, making its own destiny and reaching out to souls across time and space; forever broadening my horizons and enriching and warming my heart, keeping it aglow with happiness …

Thanking all those who listened and suggested ways of beating this Writer’s block which was more than a year and a half long. Though I would like to call it a sabbatical as I got into Training and Teaching and reaching out to the youth and people in ways that I cannot still fathom, helping them shine!

On this note, I would like to add that this journey into Training had started quite some time back and I had the good fortune to Train people from all levels in the Corporates and in Colleges.

I realized more than anything else that I too am a Learner despite conducting Workshops, Lectures, etc. and I enjoy this realm of Life too!

Getting back to Writing has been as sudden as when I was suddenly short of words to pen down although I was more able to voice my thoughts across, conduct seminars and organise events…

I think somewhere I was missing this part of ‘me’ ; for I could pen down much faster words more eloquently than I could quote them to an audience!

Nevertheless, for now I’m glad I am back onto my blog and the Written Word once again and slowly and surely would be able to pen verses and poems, stories and articles once again! 🙂

For now, I am living thsi moment and relishing the written word once again.

Ever Grateful to the Divine,

For the Joy of Writing

For the Joy of Writing


Yours truly,

Madhavi Mohandas Sood


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. beenafernandez
    Feb 01, 2015 @ 18:32:11

    Madhu… wish u love… wish u joy… wish you happiness… just write….


    • madhavisood
      Apr 21, 2015 @ 09:10:23

      Thanks so much Beenz! Wishing you much joy & happiness too always.. Stay ever blessed ^ Many Happy Returns of the day! Wishing you a super day and a great year ahead!


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