“Of Fleeting thoughts” 1st Oct’2015

‘Of Fleeting thoughts’    … 1st Oct’2015


Drifting from fleeting thoughts.

Trying to clear those sifting memories.

On a voyage onto the unknown.

Moving on, trying to catch time.



Feeling those moments of days gone by.

Trying to fathom the meaning of unspoken words.

Of eyes that spoke all, yet couldn’t be heard.

Journeying the passages and moments in a bid to catch a glimpse of time.


The time that stands still yet in some corner of my heart.

Whilst I move on trying to make art.

Searching for more meanings in unspoken words.

Knowing well, it was a mirage.


Why does the heart falter and skip a beat  ?

Journeying into the depths of the mind.

Is it that we share the same thoughts ?

Are we on the same frame of time ?


Or is this too a passing fleeting thought ?

Where the heart and soul  seek the truth that eludes.

Waiting for a sign, a hope, a glimmer of light.

So I can move on with heart, body mind and soul intact.

© Madhavi Mohandas Sood aka Madhavi Sood   1/10/2015


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