Leap out with Faith … 27th Feb’2016

Leap out with Faith …. 27th Feb’2016

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I will leap out with faith, leaving all my problems behind.

Onto new horizons, new frontiers of a different kind.

Today, I will make that final lunge.

With hope and faith, I shall take the plunge.


So unto unknown lands, my soul will fly.

Soaring with the wind,high in the sky.

With a silent prayer in my heart.

Surely, I will get a head start.


I will leap out today.

And be steadfast on my way.

With hope and love burning in my soul.

I will come out unscathed shining whole.


Keeping this fire within me aflame.

I will rise to much glory and fame.

Bowing today with hope and faith.

I will leap out of all my fears.


I will leap out ahead and make my path, my own mark.

I will leap out with faith, leaving all my problems behind…

© Madhavi Mohandas Sood aka Madhavi Sood  27/2/2016.