“Of Fleeting thoughts” 1st Oct’2015

‘Of Fleeting thoughts’    … 1st Oct’2015


Drifting from fleeting thoughts.

Trying to clear those sifting memories.

On a voyage onto the unknown.

Moving on, trying to catch time.



Feeling those moments of days gone by.

Trying to fathom the meaning of unspoken words.

Of eyes that spoke all, yet couldn’t be heard.

Journeying the passages and moments in a bid to catch a glimpse of time.


The time that stands still yet in some corner of my heart.

Whilst I move on trying to make art.

Searching for more meanings in unspoken words.

Knowing well, it was a mirage.


Why does the heart falter and skip a beat  ?

Journeying into the depths of the mind.

Is it that we share the same thoughts ?

Are we on the same frame of time ?


Or is this too a passing fleeting thought ?

Where the heart and soul  seek the truth that eludes.

Waiting for a sign, a hope, a glimmer of light.

So I can move on with heart, body mind and soul intact.

© Madhavi Mohandas Sood aka Madhavi Sood   1/10/2015


Leap out with Faith … 27th Feb’2016

I wrote this poem ‘Leap out with faith’ knowing very well it is a leap year and just as time makes a leap, I too would be able to make and leap out with Faith leaving all my problems be…

Source: Leap out with Faith … 27th Feb’2016

Leap out with Faith … 27th Feb’2016

Leap out with Faith …. 27th Feb’2016

Image result for Take a Leap of Faith

I will leap out with faith, leaving all my problems behind.

Onto new horizons, new frontiers of a different kind.

Today, I will make that final lunge.

With hope and faith, I shall take the plunge.


So unto unknown lands, my soul will fly.

Soaring with the wind,high in the sky.

With a silent prayer in my heart.

Surely, I will get a head start.


I will leap out today.

And be steadfast on my way.

With hope and love burning in my soul.

I will come out unscathed shining whole.


Keeping this fire within me aflame.

I will rise to much glory and fame.

Bowing today with hope and faith.

I will leap out of all my fears.


I will leap out ahead and make my path, my own mark.

I will leap out with faith, leaving all my problems behind…

© Madhavi Mohandas Sood aka Madhavi Sood  27/2/2016.









Coming back to Writing again after a long Writer’s block! For the joy of Writing!

Writing again after a long Writer's block

Writing again after a long Writer’s block

I am actually re-visiting all those places and doing all those activities that once inspired me to write.

Holding my pen fondly against the crisp, white sheet of paper, I day dream of the times when my words would overflow like a cascade, sometimes meander and at other times burst out in waves of inspiration.

Each time I sat down and penned verses or jotted down that fleeting thought ; my restless mind felt calmed and at times I felt as if a heavy burden that I had been inadvertently carrying for too long enough, had slowly been lifted off my chest…

I felt overjoyed each time a verse, a poem or a story and an article sprung to life!

For those moments, I am ever grateful to Lord Ganesha, my creator and the spirit divine and Light for always shining the light onto my path which seemed rather turbulent and an uphill climb and to bless me with words and ideas that sparkled like crystal clear water on an ever gushing fountain of thoughts that simply flowed on, paving its own path, making its own destiny and reaching out to souls across time and space; forever broadening my horizons and enriching and warming my heart, keeping it aglow with happiness …

Thanking all those who listened and suggested ways of beating this Writer’s block which was more than a year and a half long. Though I would like to call it a sabbatical as I got into Training and Teaching and reaching out to the youth and people in ways that I cannot still fathom, helping them shine!

On this note, I would like to add that this journey into Training had started quite some time back and I had the good fortune to Train people from all levels in the Corporates and in Colleges.

I realized more than anything else that I too am a Learner despite conducting Workshops, Lectures, etc. and I enjoy this realm of Life too!

Getting back to Writing has been as sudden as when I was suddenly short of words to pen down although I was more able to voice my thoughts across, conduct seminars and organise events…

I think somewhere I was missing this part of ‘me’ ; for I could pen down much faster words more eloquently than I could quote them to an audience!

Nevertheless, for now I’m glad I am back onto my blog and the Written Word once again and slowly and surely would be able to pen verses and poems, stories and articles once again! 🙂

For now, I am living thsi moment and relishing the written word once again.

Ever Grateful to the Divine,

For the Joy of Writing

For the Joy of Writing


Yours truly,

Madhavi Mohandas Sood

The Idli Sambhar story …

Thank You for everything!

'Poetry, Verses and Writing'




“The Idli Sambhar Story” ….  An unforgettable memory                                29th Oct’ 2013.

Yesterday, as I sat with my daughter and my Dad across the table along with my husband, I caught the familiar yet filial soft expression of my Father as he looked at us and fed us our favourite dishes in a Restaurant, I could not help but remember my Grand Parents who so often would feed me with Idli Sambhar on almost every Hols we went and met them.

The spicy aroma of the tadka in the Sambhar and the wafts of the steaming Idlis whilst it was being cooked,  a heady concoction often reminds me of my childhood. My Granny, who was the epitome of motherliness and often cooked mouth watering breakfast of steaming hot Idlis and piping hot sambhar along with coconut chutney so early in the morning when we stayed with them in…

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The Idli Sambar Story – Fond memories of Uncle & Aunty

‘Fond memories of Uncle & Aunty’   –  Part1                                         29th Oct’2013.

I remember Uncle very vividly, even as his fond memories glisten my eyes a while as I write this down now. The first time I met Uncle & Aunty, my College class mate and buddy Prabha’s parents at their home Shakti enclave, I remember Uncle had a very stern expression showing years of leading a disciplined life, while Aunty had a charming warm motherly smile.

They enquired about my hostel and about me. And as I spoke to Uncle, something in what I was saying perhaps made him smile. And I saw his eyes suddenly twinkle with the faintest of dimples around his cheeks for the first time. His smile had so much understanding and warmth as he asked me to feel at home while he made the famous filter coffee, he would always love to make whenever I came and Aunty served me piping hot Idlis and Sambhar with home made chutney.

I felt absolutely heavenly that day – suddenly more homesick than ever, as a slight tear came into my eyes. Uncle must have seen it coming, so he asked me, “What is your Daddy’s number? Would you like to call up home ? If you wish, you can give them our phone no. too.”

In those days, seems like only yesterday; one had to book a Trunk call (STD call) for outstation phone calls and there weren’t any mobile services then at least in the part of the world we lived in!!  (I’m speaking of the year 1988) I must nodded my head very happily, wiping off as fast as I could that tear which was now almost threatening to roll off.

We were soon connected – and I still remember how happy and thrilled I was then ; hearing my Dad’s voice after so long. Although my Dad had promised he would write to me oftener which he did and I also wrote almost every day before going to bed, about all the happenings in hostel. In fact, some of my hostel mates were quite jealous as I received the maximum number of letters a week. I would write to Dad then pen down to my two of my best friends (who too were incidentally in hostels and missing home). The written letter and postcards / inland letter became my good friends as I would sit down and pen and pour my heart out onto them. And my letters to my Dad were definitely bulkier as I posted them in neatly addressed and stamped envelopes. The ritual to the Post-Office on my bike or walking sometimes was something I looked forward to.

Well, soon Papa and me were connected. And I gave my Dad the res. Phone no. of Uncle & Aunty and asked him to book a Trunk call via the Military lines which he promptly did and called back. The wait was almost a good ten minutes and it felt so long, I remember now. Anxiously waiting to hear my Dad’s voice. And when he called I was so overjoyed that I think I must have said, “I love you Papa” at least a dozen  times over while Uncle and Aunty watched me puzzled and pleased, smiling indulgently at me as I spoke animatedly over the instrument.

And then my Dad wanted to thank Aunty & Uncle, so he spoke to them ; while Uncle kept saying ‘Not at all ; she’s just like our daughter Prabha. And Aunty smilingly said, ‘She’s too skinny though. I hope you don’t mind us feeding her home-made food whenever she comes here on week ends’ as she smiled and looked at me affectionately too.

We were all so ‘connected’ suddenly through a humble ‘Idli & Sambhar Chutney’, served with so much love and affection. I recollect, ever after that whenever I went to Prabha’s place – Uncle & Aunty both would feed me delicious home-made food; something that I used to miss a lot those days in the Hostel.

 I became a part of their family rather I would say, they became a part of my family. I started looking forward to the whole week at College and studies and especially weekends and Sundays.

Oppenheimer’s Quote

And the Legend of Ramayana and also the Mahabharata lives on …


J. Robert Oppenheimer, famously known as the father of atom bomb, was an avid fan of Indian Mythology, especially the epic known as Mahabharata. This fascination of his was revealed during a lecture that took place soon after his successful test of the first ever nuclear bomb in the history of mankind. The explosion took place at Alamogordo. It was a controlled explosion under the project named Project Manhattan. The explosion blew a massive dome of fire in the air, the one that had only been imagined by the mankind but never thought possible.

When Oppenheimer was asked by a rather curious student if it was the largest of explosions to have taken place in history, Oppenheimer had provided a rather mysterious answer that led to several discussions over the next few years to come. His answer was, ‘well, yes, in modern times, of course.’ What did he mean by…

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