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As I get back to typing (writing) this post a myriad of thoughts traverse my mind… So many reflections from the cherished past, the ongoing present and many latent dreams of the future whiz by; spurring me onto my keyboard. I am growing a bit fond of this old keyboard and its clackety sounds whilst I sit upright at my desktop punching in the keys and penning down what I had been wanting to, for a long time now… Do forgive my gibberish musings as I have with great heaving, pushed that ‘writer’s block’ aside !! (eeks, I don’t even want to mention the dreaded two words !! ). So here I go, on my Creative Reflections, trying to make a splash onto that fountain which had been eluding me all this while; took just a certain mood to sit down tight and write … Trying to create ripples as I go on… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   So where shall I begin ? Let’s see, the time when somehow the words that needed to be expressed had to pour forth, till my heart and mind could not bear it any more and I felt if I did not express, surely my grey matter and white matter would simlply become no matter !!  🙂 One morning, I was in the middle of my Communication skills Training Sessions. We were discussing on how following and nurturing creative pursuits leads us to happiness. rainbowimages I was explaining to my Corporate Students (from all walks  and Management levels) something that I have firmly come to believe in- “it is the soul that needs nourishment in the form of good occupation and needs to follow a creative pursuit and whilst doing so one can feel complete freedom and true happiness”. The seeking could be anything, maybe a simple act of giving or creating a design or singing or even strumming the guitar or perhaps writing one’s memoir or penning down poetry, or painting and sketching Or even gardening and tending to a nursery or even making the latest gadget or a program or whipping out a delicacy for one’s loved ones. And all this done with the one intention of expressing oneself. That and the act of creativity, truly gives one freedom to just be oneself, and that in turn gives us happiness. creativitydownload       creativtyimages Someone in the audience asked me, “So do you think people who aren’t creative lead eventually unhappy lives?”. I looked at the participant straight in the eyes and slowly answered, trying to be as gentle as I could, ” Have you ever watched children growing up?” kidsimages “Yes! Of course, I have a very naughty son and daughter.” “So have you ever seen them telling you ever that they feel sad ?”, I asked. “No, on the contrary they are busy spending their time playing or fighting or sometimes making up with themselves and playing make-believe games, running around the house”. “They are occupied in all these activities, learning how to deal with themselves and also that’s the main reason they are happy”, I added explaining why it was imperative for one to do that certain one creative activity which would bring in satisfaction and happiness.   No matter what one’s occupation, if one can take out those few moments spent in Nature or harnessing one’s creative talent then surely each day would find us better than yesterday. Those who aren’t aware of their true hidden talents and skills just roll on from day to day,  trying to stay afloat whereas they could surely seek happiness just by doing their work differently. And this in my opinion, will lead them on to discovering their true talents. waterfall Creative Reflections …. For Life is like an ever cascading water fall ; The water falls down, ebbs out and flows away. Making paths, traversing lands unknown all the way. Yet remains ever fresh through bubbly brooks…   Splashing waves, rippling out; creating waves. Moving on to those promising lands. Creative reflections of past, present and future. As I pen down verses on Mother Nature.   Emanating energy as it gushes down. Leaving a mark as it moves on. Pouring forth fresh from deep within. Flowing, Nurturing, nourishing as it flows… © Madhavi Mohandas Sood  April’2015


Happy Chuseok – Korean Harvest Festival and Thanksgiving day.

Happy Chuseok Harvest Festival to all.

Wishing a very Happy & Prosperous Chuseok Harvest Festival to all.
Hoping that this wonderful Korean Thanksgiving day ushers in more Peace, Happiness and abundance to all.

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The Korean Chuseok Festival is akin to the Thanksgiving Day and also in many ways the rituals and prayers for the ancestors are similar to followed by so many other Harvest Festivals across the world.

Chuseok (Korean: 추석),[1] originally known as hangawi (한가위, from archaic Korean for “the great middle (of autumn)”), is a major harvest festival and a three-day holiday in Koreacelebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. Like many other harvestfestivals, it is held around the Autumn Equinox. As a celebration of the good harvest, Koreans visit their ancestral hometowns and share a feast of Korean traditional food such as songpyeon and rice wines such as sindoju and dongdongju.

Sharing the link of my Guest blog post

Sharing the link of my Guest blog post.

” The Simple joys of Life open up a whole Universe of happiness.”

” The Simple joys of Life open up a whole Universe of happiness.”.

” The Simple joys of Life open up a whole Universe of happiness.”

” The Simple joys of Life open up a whole Universe of happiness.”

I was reminded of my own childhood days when we would run out and play under the Sun without a clue of how long we had played outside instead of being glued to the Television watching Cartoons or playing virtual video games… (though I have nothing against either of it, excepting the fact of the time well-spent or ill spent during holidays… )
I remember My Dad taking us every night for an after dinner stroll as he slowly introduced us to stars, pointing them out. It was always a time of great bonding, talking about the whole day with me and my brother and his own day’s work or worries that he would share with us.
We had great fun, I recollect now so vividly while both of us tried locating the Great bear, the Casseopia (its the constellation shaped like a ‘W’) , the Belt of Orion and the Pole star.
He would encourage us to read (and even does so now) and find out more about the Stars, the Milky way and the Comets and and showed us so many constellations to me and my brother as we walked alongside with him… We would be forever asking him questions, as he would patiently answer us back, as we walked together on either side holding his hands.

I still remember holding his fingers and now look on fondly myself as my daughter scampers off almost jumping to get her bear-hug from her Grandad now and walk alongside him as he now answers her umpteen questions and listens to all her little fairy stories with ever rising wonder….

Truly, its the simple things and little incidents that sum up to make a life filled with joy !!
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‘From the Silence Within’ by Madhavi Sood

A video about my Book ‘From the Silence Within’ as uploaded on youtube some time back. Hope you get to read and relate with my book and poems 🙂